Triangles on a Roll

Quarter Square Triangles

Does figuring out Quarter Square Triangle math make your head hurt?  No more!  We have made sewing Quarter Square Triangles SO easy!  We have five sizes to choose from.  Simply select the finished size you need for your project.  Or we recommend having multiple sizes on hand so you'll be ready for any project.



For Quarter Square Triangles, start with your fabric cut to size as indicated on paper.  Layer your fabrics right sides together and sew on the lines as indicated.  Be sure to lower your stitch length.  We recommend 1.5.  This will make removing the paper so much easier.


Now use your rotary cutter and cut on the solid lines.  You'll end up with several half square triangles.  But don't stop here!


Layer your half square triangles with seams going the opposite direction from each other.  Transfer your marking lines.  (Draw a line down the center and sew 1/4 inch on both sides of this line.)  Now you have perfect Quarter Square Triangles!  You can mix and match fabrics, make pinwheels and more with this versatile paper!   Find all five sizes here!

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