Triangles on a Roll

Rose Garden Quilt

 We have a new designer on our team!
Jodi Nelson (Pleasant Home)
has recently joined us 
and has been creating patterns with
We are very excited to be able to share with you
Jodi's patterns!
She is one talented lady,
and we've admired her work for years.
Rose Garden
 Size 50" X 50"
1 Yard White fabric
1 2/3 yard Green (can make scrappy with 8 Fat Quarters)
2/3 yard red (or 3 Fat Quarters)
This is a perfect pattern for
beginning quilters to learn
how easy it is to make 
Half Square Triangles
 The pattern calls for a roll 
2 1/2 finished size 
Half Square Triangles #H250
Rose Garden pattern
and the
2 1/2-inch HST's
can be ordered from our 
web site

Straight As An Arrow Quilt Tutorial by Melissa Lunden

 Our thanks to Melissa Lunden of Lunden Designs for sharing with us this Tutorial on how she made her quilt Straight As An Arrow


I have to confess that up until trying Triangles On A Roll, I had never paper pieced before. It had always seemed a little fussy and time consuming to me, but when I saw the 8″ Triangles On A Roll braid paper, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. I was absolutely amazed at how quick and easy the whole process was, but more importantly, my piecing was sheer perfection. I have never had my seams look so good and now consider myself a paper piecing convert. My head is spinning with new ideas for making quilts and other sewing projects with braids and quilts.

Straight As An Arrow Quilt Tutorial


Straight As An Arrow quilt tutorial

This simple and striking quilt is an easy weekend project. Pick your favorite colors to personalize it for any room or season. The finished quilt measures 60” x 60”.



65” of 8” Flying Geese and Braids Triangles On A Roll

Eight ¼ yards or fat quarters of different coordinating solids

4 yards of solid white or off white

½ yard of contrasting solid for binding

4 yards of quilting weight cotton for backing



  1. Following the measurements provided in the Triangles On A Roll directions, cut twelve rectangles of each solid.
  2. Following the measurements provided in the Triangles On A Roll directions, cut one starter triangle from one of the solid colors.
  3. Cut two rectangles from the solid white measuring 31” x 65” and 22” x 65”.
  4. Cut seven 2 ¼” width of fabric strips from your binding fabric.



  1. Following the Triangles On A Roll directions, sew the braid so it measures 65” in length.
  2. Sew the two white rectangles to either side of the braid.
  3. Square up the quilt top so it measures 60” x 65”.
  4. Piece your quilt back so it measures at least 65” x 65”.
  5. Sew your binding strips together to make at least 250” of binding.
  6. Quilt and bind your gorgeous quilt with your preferred quilting and binding method. *


StraighAs An Arrow couch

*I had a lot of fun with all of the negative space to try out some new quilting techniques.

Congratulations! You are all finished.

About Melissa:

Lunden Designs was born out of a deep love for sewing and beautiful fabrics. My love affair with sewing started with handbags and then quickly spread to include clothes, quilts and everything in between. I learned to sew from my mother and then went on to take sewing classes in both San Francisco and New York City. I now live in Portland, Oregon, where I am constantly inspired by such a creative city.

In the summer of 2012, I launched my sewing pattern line with the first two quilt patterns, By Sea or By Land and Star Gazer. Since then, I have released a total of 14 patterns. 

My designs and projects have also been published in the magazines 101 Patchwork Projects, Quilt Trends Modern Patchwork, Sew It Today, Quilt It Today, and International Quilt Scene Magazine.

In addition to designing patterns and making quilts, Lunden Designs also offers a wide range of custom sewing and long arm quilting services.


Flying Geese Block Tutorial

 There is a simple
easy and
accurate way to make 
Flying Geese
For this 12 inch (finished) block
we used 
#1504 Sew & Fold On A Roll
which makes 
2" X 4" Flying Geese
This is a Foundation Method
where you use the blue and black lines of the paper
as your guide.
 Our papers come on 50 foot rolls.
Starting at the bottom of a blue triangle
Cut (4) papers 10 1/2 inches in length
Focus Fabric (fabric A) for Geese
(1) 9 1/2" X 9 1/2"-center
(6) 4 1/4" X 4 1/4"-geese
(2) 3 1/2" X 3 1/2"-corners
Background Fabric (fabric B)
(24) 2 3/8" X 2 3/8"- geese
(2) 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" -corners
 Sub-cut each of the (6) 
4 1/4" X 4 1/4" geese
twice from corner to corner
to get 4 large triangles 
 Cut each of the (24) back ground
2 3/8" X 2 3/8"
once from corner to corner
to get 2 small triangles
 You will now have a total of
(24) large triangles for the center of the geese
(48) small triangles for the back ground on the geese
 Pin a large triangle
face up
at the bottom of the first paper
within the blue triangle guide lines
 notice the blue notch mark to the right of the tip of the triangle?
 Lay a small triangle
face down
along the right edge of the large triangle
matching within the notch.
 Lower your stitch to 1.5
and sew a scant 1/4th inch seam.
*lowering the stitch perforates the paper
and helps
when it's time to pull the paper off at the end.
Press the small triangle over and up.
 Lay the next small triangle
right side down
along the left edge of the large triangle.
 Sew and Fold
 This is a very forgiving method that corrects itself with every triangle.
Because this is a 
Foundation Method
we follow the lines of the paper
and not the fabric.
Lay the next Large Triangle
face down
and match within the notches on the left and right sides
 There is a stitch line as a prompt.
Stitch a scant 1/4th inch along the top
 Press up
 Keep adding geese until
you have completed 6 total
 Allowing 1/4th inch on the side points of each geese
trim section to
3 1/2" X 9 1/2"
 Repeat on each paper
4 times
 On 2 of the sections 
add  3 1/2" X 3 1/2" Fabric A corner to top 
3 1/2" X 3 1/2" Fabric B corner to bottom
 Sew the remaining two sections to each side.
Have the geese Flying up on the Left Side
Flying down on the Right Side
 Sew the top and bottom sections
in place 
with Fabric A in the top right and bottom left corner
Fabric B in the top left and bottom right corner
 Once the block is completed you may now tear off the paper
and press lightly.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
2" X 4" Flying Geese paper
may be ordered from 

Half Square Triangle Blocks

 Have you seen the fun You Tube Video
by Camille Roskelley for Craftsy?
It only lasts a little over a minute
but well worth watching.
You know how we love anything using
Half Square Triangles!
 If you would like to try some of these layouts
we suggest using the
 easiest and most accurate way
 The blocks can be made with any size Half Square Triangle
We used a roll of #H300
*3 1/2-inch unfinished/ 3-inch finished
from Triangles On A Roll
and a stack of 5-inch Charm Squares
in both solid and print.
Match a solid fabric
with a print fabric 
placing right sides together.
Pin a section of the paper on top.
 Lower the stitch length to 1.5
and sew on the dotted line.
The sections can be chained pieced together quickly.
 16 sections will make 32 HST's
the amount needed for the 2 blocks
 Using a rotary cutter, 
trim on the solid lines, even around the outside edges
 Each section makes 2 HST's
 When you press them open
you have 2 Perfect Half Square Triangles
that measure accurately from corner to corner
 Because the Half Square Triangles are so 
I didn't even need to use pins to sew
the HST's together.
 Look how nicely every point comes together.
Makes you look like a Rock Star in the quilting world :)
This shows 2 of the block options
but 23 more are possible!
Half Square Triangle papers
come on 50 foot rolls
in 11 different sizes
and can be ordered from
Triangles On A Roll

Flying Geese and Braid Sample Table Runner

 We have some Conventions coming up soon with
We made a Table Runner as a sample to show the
 5 various sizes of
Flying Geese and
that can be made with our
Sew and Fold papers.
These are so easy and fun to make!
On each size of paper you have the option of sewing
a row of Flying Geese or Braid
Think of the possibilities!
Our smallest size Sew and Fold paper will make either a
3.25-inch wide Braid
1" X 2" Flying Geese
 Our largest Sew and Fold papers make either a
8-inch wide braid
3" X 6" Flying Geese
All 5 sizes of the Flying Geese and Braid papers
come on 50 foot rolls and
can be ordered from Triangles On A Roll
 # 1502
3.25 inch wide Braid
1" X 2" Flying Geese
4-inch wide Braid
1 1/2" X 3" Flying Geese
6-inch wide Braid
2" X 4" Flying Geese
7-inch wide Braid
2 1/2" X 5" Flying Geese
8-inch wide Braid
3" X 6" Flying Geese
 Braid Tutorial
can be found 
Flying Geese Tutorial
can be found 
And the sample even looks good on a dining room table!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Table Runner

We were so pleased to read that 
on Christmas Day
(a day when you can play as you wish)
Victoria Findlay Wolfe (Bumble Beans)
chose to play
Triangles On A Roll
Thanks Victoria!
You can read about her
Table Runner
Recently we met up with Victoria in Houston
at International Quilt Market
and gave her some product to try out. 
She especially liked the 22.5 degree 
Sew and Fold
Tri-Angle paper
and ruler
Working with the paper as a foundation
is easy 
allows these angles to hold their shape 
Free Tutorial
on how to use the 22.5 Degree Tri-Angle paper
is available 
Theses paper can be used in so many ways
from Table Runners
Quilt Blocks
All products can be purchased 
on our

Frog Hollow Designs

 When we were at Market in Houston
Linda Hahn 
came into our booth for a visit.
She expressed how much she enjoys using
in many of her quilt patterns.
She said
I do use, recommend and sell your products in my workshops - because it's what I use - and I only sell and recommend what I use personally.   
Junkanoo Jamboree 
is made with our
This easy to piece Quilt
was inspired by the colors of the Junkanoo Festival
 Snake In The Grass
is made with 
Both patterns are available for download through
 Linda Hahn
is the author of
New York Beauty Diversified
New York Beauty Simplified
For more information about Linda
and her quilts
please visit

2 1/2 X 5 Inch Flying Geese

 We've been playing with our
2 1/2 X 5 Inch
Flying Geese papers
These are so fun and easy to work with!
Each Flying Geese section
turns out so accurate 
with each point matching up perfectly.
Using some Kaffe fabric scraps
here is a little sneak peek
of a future quilt pattern.
 Remember all of our
Triangles On A Roll papers
come on 50 foot rolls.
Simply tear off the desired length.
 This is a Sew and Fold method
where you pre-cut your 
large (center) triangles
small (side) triangles.
The papers give cutting instructions 
and you work within the blue and black lines.
 The paper serves as a 
You follow the lines of the paper
not the fabric 
for placement of your next section.
If you are off a little bit when 
you sew and fold, 
it's perfectly fine!
 When you lay your next triangle down
simply lay it within the notches
and all will be corrected within the seam allowance.
 The paper even gives you a prompt
of where to start your next
1/4th inch seam.  
*remember to lower your stitch length to 
around a 1.5.
This will help perforate the paper so it's easy to tear off 
when you are done.
 Perfect points every time.
And notice if you want to place your geese
up and down, 
because they are held together accurately on paper,
the points match up
You can find a more detailed tutorial 
on how to sew with our 
Flying Geese papers
on our Triangles On A Roll
web site 
Our Flying Geese papers 
are available in 5 sizes 
1 X 2 inches
clear up to
3 X 6 inches
Using the very same paper
the 2 1/2 X 5 Inch Flying Geese papers
 also make
7 Inch wide BRAIDS!
Detailed tutorial on how to make braids
can also be found on the 
Triangles On A Roll
web site 

Triangles On A Roll Trunk Show at 3 Dudes Quilt Store

 Pat Roche
owner of 
recently provided a 
Trunk Show
for a group at
We've spent a lot of time the last few months
traveling around the country
demo-ing products
along with our new patterns
now find it fun to have the opportunity to
 share and support our 
local quilt stores, too!
 Many thanks to 
Lucy M. 
who works at 3 Dudes 
for sharing the pictures she took with us.
is a good example of a simple use of
5 Inch Half Square Triangles
Many of our quilts might look 
hard to do, but in reality
with our techniques and product
they are simple to construct
 and work up fast!
Baby Waves
is completely made with
 6 Inch Half Square Triangles
that have simply been cut in half.
 Niser Holland is one of our Triangles On A Roll
pattern designers
and was so kind to help Pat with the Trunk Show
Her original design
is made with our
60-Degree Tri-Angle
Sew and Fold paper
 Indian Blanket
is made with
22.5 Degree Tri-Angle 
Sew and Fold paper.
tutorial on how easy it is to work with these
Tri-Angle papers can be found on 
the Triangles On A Roll 
web site 
  If you would like to see
Indian Blanket
up close
it's currently being shown
3 Dudes
All of these products and patterns
can be purchased at our
web site


We love introducing people to
Triangles On A Roll
We tell them how easy they are to use
and how they help make our quilt blocks
go together 
and with 
When someone trusts our words enough to go home
and give them a try,
we always smile 
because we know they are in for a good experience.
On Saturday we presented a
Triangles On A Roll Trunk Show
for the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild
and Bonnie purchased a roll
of our Half Square Triangles to try for the first time.

Well I'm sending you a picture of what I did today and I don't mean all day I mean an hour!

Totally love this! It's crisper it's perfect it's easy it's going to make me want to make a big quilt with it!

I had a friend come over who has never quilt and we did it together. I think she's sold! She left with three books from my shelf!

Thanks so much again!
 Thank you Bonnie for sharing.
We love compliments!
 Our Half Square Triangle papers
come in 11 different sizes
starting at 1 inch
going up to 6 inches
 A size for every need.
All come on 50 foot rolls.
Simply trim off the amount of paper you need,
and then save the rest for your next project.
Stitch on the dotted lines
and cut on the solid lines.
No drawing lines
or trimming up with specialty rulers.
Within minutes you have
a stack of
perfectly accurate 
Half Square Triangles
For a step by step Tutorial
Triangles On A Roll 
Tutorial Page

Perfect Paper Piecing Products



Half Square Triangles, Quarter Square Triangles, Sew and Fold Triangles, Flying Geese and even Braids!