Triangles on a Roll

  Does figuring out 
Quarter Square Triangle
math make your head hurt?
No More!
Triangles On A Roll
has made sewing
Quarter Square Triangles
so easy!
Our 50 foot rolls come in 
7 sizes
ranging from
1 1/2 inch (finished)
up to 5 inches.
Simply select the finished size you need
for your project.
 Each size gives clear
cutting and sewing instructions.
Cut out two sections of fabric.
It's usually best to use a light and a dark.
Layer the two fabrics,
right sides together.
 Pin the paper to the fabric.
 Lower your stitch length to 1.5
as with most paper piecing.
Stitch on the dotted lines
following the arrows.
 Cut on the solid lines
including around the edges.
 Tear away the paper,
which comes off easily.
 Press open to the dark fabric
and trim off the bunny ears.
 Layer two half-square triangle blocks 
right sides together,
meeting light corner to dark corner
with seams alternating.
 Draw a line on the diagonal
crossing the seams.
 Stitch 1/4th inch on both sides of the drawn line
 Cut on the line between the seams
 Press open
and you have a
Quarter Square Triangle
Using Triangles On A Roll
Quarter Square Triangle paper
makes many QST's 
Quarter Square Triangle paper
can be ordered from 
Triangles On A Roll

Written by Nedra Sorensen — October 16, 2013

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