Triangles on a Roll

 It's easy to make 
for your quilts and sewing projects
when using
Triangles On A Roll
Sew and Fold Paper
The beauty of this product
is that
even for long lengths
the paper will prevent the angles from stretching
and keep the braids neatly in place.
And it's easy to do!
 All Triangle On A Roll products 
come on 50 foot rolls.
Flying Geese and Braids are printed on the same paper
in 5 fabulous sizes.
The Braids vary in size from
3 1/4th inch to 8 inches wide. 
First decide how wide of a braid you need
and then cut the desired length.

For this tutorial we will be making 
7-inch Braid.
Individual cutting instructions are provided on each paper.
Notice for the 7-inch it says to pre-cut 
pieces of fabric 1 3/8" X 6 "
 This is a great way to use up scraps.
 To start the first section
cut a 3" X 3" square in Half
creating a triangle.
**For the Braid, work within the Red Lines
and disregard the blue sections
which are used when making Flying Geese
Place the triangle evenly within the
first few 
red lines and pin in place.
 Roll the opposite end of your paper up
and secure with a large paper clip.
This will reduce bulk when sewing at your machine.
 Lower your stitch length to 1.5
as with most paper piecing.
Lay your first strip
right sides together
along the left and top edge of the triangle.
 Stitch 1/4th inch seam allowance.
Fold over and press.
Sometimes this method
is commonly referred to as 
Sew and Flip
 Lay your second strip 
right sides together
along the top and right side of the triangle.
 Sew and Fold
 We like to press the pieces down to keep in place.
 Working within the red lines
start back on the left side
and align Strip #3
evenly on top of the first strip.
Sew and Fold
 Repeat on the right side
with strip #4
 Continue adding on each side.
 If by chance when you fold a strip over
and it does not lay exactly evenly within the red lines
This is a very forgiving technique!
 Just lay the next strip evenly on the red line
and it will correct itself with in the seam line.
 Once have sewn all of your braid length,
turn your piece over.
Using the paper as the cutting guide
trim the edges evenly 
with a ruler and rotary cutter.
 You now have a perfectly even braid!
Wasn't that easy?
With your left over paper,
you can continue to make more braids
Flying Geese!
Think of the possibilities!
can be ordered from
Triangles On A Roll 
Web Site 
The Flying Geese Tutorial
made on the same paper
can be found 

Written by Nedra Sorensen — October 01, 2013

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