Triangles on a Roll

We are always looking for easy ways to use up fabric scraps
left over from previous quilt projects. 
It's easy to make
a simple 
Scrappy Chevron Block
that works up fast and accurately
 In our tutorial section 
we previously showed you how to make 
See more details 
For this project we are using
but you can make them any size you desire.
 Remember, stitch on the dotted lines
and then cut on the solid lines.
 Pull off the papers and press open.
Lay out 
4 Half Square Triangles 
in this formation.
 We made 
8 Half Square Triangles 
out of each fabric combination
which allows for 2 mirrored imaged blocks.
creates such accurate HST's
even with all of those bias edges 
you don't have to use pins.
Just put two blocks right sides together
and sew the traditional 1/4th inch seam.
This is a good time to chain stitch 
if you want to make multiple blocks.
 Press seams open
 Sew the top two blocks
to the bottom two blocks
Sew 1/4th inch seam,
making sure to stitch over the middle point.
*again, you can use a pin to match up the center
if you want, but using Triangles On A Roll
the HST blocks match up so evenly
that it's usually not necessary.
Press open.
 Perfect points every time!
 Two blocks made
fast and accurately!
Using the 3 1/2" Half Square Triangles
the final block measures 7 1/2" (unfinished)
 The scrap piles are looking smaller
and the
Scrappy Chevron piles are getting bigger :)
As a reminder
you can purchase 
11 different sizes of 
Triangles On A Roll
ranging from
1-inch up to 6-inches 
The 50 foot rolls make a lot of Half Square Triangles
Each paper will include the information on how wide to cut your fabrics
and clear directions for sewing 
accurate Half Square Triangles.

Written by Nedra Sorensen — September 23, 2013

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