Triangles on a Roll

 Flying Geese made with
work up quickly and with ease!
With our Sew and Fold papers
your Geese turn out accurately
and there is no waste.
You don't need to draw lines,
or use a specialty ruler!
Our Flying Geese papers come in
5 sizes
on 50 foot rolls
 First decide how many Geese you would like to make
and cut your paper to the desired length.
One of the best features of our Sew and Fold papers
is that they hold a long line of Flying Geese blocks 
accurately in place
with out any stretch from all those bias edges.
 The Flying Geese papers can also be used 
to make braids (using the red lines)
But for this tutorial
we will follow the BLACK lines
for Flying Geese.
 Each paper provides cutting instructions
for the center Large Triangles
and Smaller Side Triangles
for that particular Geese size.
 Cut out both the large and small triangles
from the desired fabrics.
 Now you are ready to sew!
Start at the bottom of your paper.
Notice the first blue triangle.
Lay your large center triangle 
right side up
 within the blue space,
and pin in place.
*You also have the option of adding a dot of glue
on the back to hold in place.
To allow ease in sewing at your machine,
work with in small sections.
Roll your paper from the top edge
and secure with a large paper clip.
 The paper shows a notch 
for the placement of your first
small side triangle piece.
 With right sides together
lay the smaller triangle piece
matching edges evenly
and within the notch
to the left side of the 
large center triangle.
 Lower your stitch length to 1.5 on your sewing machine.
This will allow ease in pulling off your papers later on.
Sew 1/4th inch seam allowance.
*Notice the paper even gives registration line where
 to come off in your stitching.
 Sew and Fold
 The paper shows another notch to the left
of the previous notch.  
Use this as a guide for the placement of
of the next small fabric triangle.
 Lay the next smaller side triangle
right sides together
 to the 
right side of the center triangle,
matching edges evenly
and within the notch.
 Sew and Fold
 To make the second Flying Geese 
place a
large Center Triangle
right sides together
along the top of the previous geese
matching edges evenly
and within the notches.
 Sew and Fold
If the triangles don't match perfectly within the grid lines,
Don't Worry!
This is a very forgiving technique!
Easy enough for beginning sewers to do!
 Simply continue the process
by laying the next smaller triangle piece
within the grid lines,
and it will correct itself within the seam line!
 Flying Geese can be made in 
two color combinations.
 Or Scrappy!  You decide!
As you sew, roll up the other end 
of your paper 
and secure in place with another large paper clip.
Move both paper clips as you sew
providing a manageable space to work
with at your machine.
 Sew the desired length
 Trim the paper evenly 1/4th inch 
on each side of the geese.
 The Geese are ready to be sewn in place
on your project.
The papers can now be pulled off
easily with a little tug in each section.
All 5 sizes of the
Flying Geese Sew and Fold papers
can be ordered from
the Triangles On A Roll web site
If you have any questions
please feel free to e-mail me

Written by Nedra Sorensen — September 03, 2013


Sara Bush:

Why do the directions not include the technique for using two pieces of fabric, right sides together, to stitch on dotted lines and cut on solid lines. Also, the tutorial says the directions for use are on the cover sleeve and on the appear, but they are not.

November 21 2018

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