Triangles on a Roll

Our thanks today goes to 
Susan South
for sharing with us 
a picture of her
Fred and Ginger Quilt
made with 
60-Degree Tri-Angle paper
 Susan wrote:
This is how I elected to use your pattern. I enjoyed making this quilt and chose a newspaper print fabric for the backing. It turned out great. I plan to use that pattern for another project.
 She also added:
I really did enjoy making this quilt and have plans for another one, using really bright prints. I had not used the "Triangles on a Roll" product before and found the process relatively simple and helpful to assure more precise geometry.

I love the quilting process!
 Thank you for sharing your quilt with us Susan!
 The original 
Fred and Ginger quilt
was made and designed by
Niser Holland
of Scrappy Quilt Designs
I've always loved this pattern.
It might look somewhat complicated,
but it's actually very easy to do on the 
Sew and Fold paper.
Niser gives very good instructions
complete with diagrams 
that simplifies the quilting process.
The Fred and Ginger pattern,
 60 Degree Tri-Angle paper
60 Degree Ruler
can be ordered through 
Triangles On A Roll

Written by Nedra Sorensen — August 07, 2014

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