Triangles on a Roll

Cindy Needham is an award winning Quilt Designer
and has been an
experienced Quilt Instructor since 1997
Cindy is also a
National Educator for
I met her several years ago 
when I also worked for Superior Threads.
I've always admired Cindy's amazingly delicate work 
on Antique Linens
She really is top in the field of transforming
Wholecloth and linens with spectacular quilting designs.
Cindy is also the author of the book
Recently Cindy wrote a blog post
about the beginning steps she has taken
to teach her 2 young grand daughters how to quilt.
You can read more about their experience 
I was especially impressed that Cindy chose
to use Triangles On A Roll as the starting place
for her grand daughter's first quilting experience.

Beginning quilting is always a challenge.
I asked Cindy a few questions on why she 
Why did you choose to use Triangles On A Roll instead of a traditional method of HST's to teach your grand daughters?
I wanted their first experience of piecing a quilt to be a huge success without stress. When I taught my daughters many years ago they started out following the lines on grid paper. Having the lines on the paper for Chloe and Samantha to follow seemed like a logical choice. There's no stress and it's a nearly 100% guarantee that they will end up with a beautiful quilt.

Do you use TOAR in any of your projects? If so, why?

I came across TOAR and it was perfect. It's a smaller size and much easier to manage. I actually don't piece anymore as I do wholecloth quilting so haven't used this for my own quilts...but it's perfect for the girls.

What are your impressions of TOAR?

So far so good! The paper easily tears away from the fabric with no pulled stitches.

Are you aware we have other papers that make Flying Geese, Braids or angles? Have you used them?
I did see the other papers and am going to keep them in mind for future projects for the girls...I wanted to start out verrrrry easy this time and work our way up to other designs.

Thanks Cindy!

Written by Nedra Sorensen — August 04, 2014

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