Triangles on a Roll

 It's easy to use the
4-inch Half Square Triangle papers
Triangles On A Roll with
Fat Quarters
Layer Cakes
 (24) 4-inch HST's
fit very nicely on a Fat Quarter
 With a 2 1/2 inch strip left over.
 Remember when sewing with 
Triangles On A Roll :
Pin the paper to the top of
 2 pieces of fabric that are facing right sides together.
Lower your stitch to about a 1.5 on your sewing machine.
Sew on the dotted lines
Cut on the solid lines.
(8) 4-Inch Half Square Triangles will also fit nicely
on a 10" X 10" Layer Cake
 With Triangles On A Roll
you don't have to 
draw lines or trim up.
The paper does the work for you!
Our thanks to Denise Holland
for her help in figuring out how to 
combine Pre-Cuts with
Triangles On A Roll
Each roll is 50 feet long.
A roll of
4-Inch Half Square Triangle paper
which provides 485 Half Square Triangles
can be ordered from the
Triangles On A Roll  website

Written by Nedra Sorensen — June 13, 2014

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