Triangles on a Roll

 Chevron Quilts 

have been quite popular in style the last few years

and are so easy to make

especially when using

 Chevron Baby Quilt Tutorial

43 1/2" X 43 1/2"

 You can use any size 

Half Square Triangle to make a Chevron 

but for this baby quilt I opted to use

4 1/2 inch finished HST's.

One roll will make 222

so you will have enough left over to make one more quilt.


Fabric Requirements:

2/3 yd. White

1/3 yd (1st Chevron) green polka dot

1/3 yd (2nd Chevron) Aqua

2/3 yd. Focus Fabric (3rd & 8th Chevron) Elephants

1/3 yd (4th Chevron) gray circles

1/3 yd (6th Chevron) blue stripe

1/3 yd. (7th Chevron) solid gray

1/3 yd (8th Chevron) solid green

 I used this elephant fabric as my

focus fabric

and then pulled in other colors to match.

 From the Triangles On A Roll:

Cut (10) lengths of paper at 26 3/4" long

which will give you 10 HST"s for each row


From the fabric:

Cut (20) Strips Total at 5 5/8" wide

*TIP: *I like to cut them a little larger at 5 3/4" wide.


(4) White (for top and bottom & 5th Chevron)

(2) 1st Chevron/ polka dot green

(2) 2nd Chevron/ Aqua

(4) 3rd & 8th Chevron/ Focus Fabric

(2) 4th Chevron/ gray circles

(2) 6th Chevron/ blue stripe

(2) 7th Chevron/ solid gray

(2) 8th Chevron/ solid green

To create the top first row

match the white and 1st Chevron fabric/ green polka dot

right sides together.

 Lay a 26 3/4 inch section of paper on top and 

add a few pins to hold in place.

Lower the stitch on your machine to about a 1.5

TIP: Placing these stitches closer together 

perforates the paper and makes it easier to tear off at the end.

It also holds your seam together tight as you tug on the paper.

Sew on the dotted lines

 With your rotary cutter,

cut on the SOLID lines

all the way around, even on the outside edges

 For each row you will  have 10 Half Square triangles

With a little tug, pull the paper off

 Open up your HST's 

and press towards the dark

 Trim off the little bunny ears 

and you are ready to start laying out your Chevron rows.

 Row 1 Fabrics: White and Green Polka Dot

Row 2 Green Polka and Aqua

Row 3 Aqua and Elephants

Continue alternating your fabrics in this pattern until 

you have finished with 

Row 10 Solid Green and White

 Lay your Half Square Triangles out in a

Chevron pattern

Sew 10 HST's together across to create a row 

One of the best things about using

Triangles On A Roll is that they 

make PERFECT Half Square Triangles

With such accuracy

it's easy to obtain

matching points 

Once your rows are sewn together horizontally


Row 1 to Row 2

Row 2 to Row 3


until all 10 rows are complete

 Your Chevron Baby Quilt is now complete!

 My thanks to

Pat Roche (Pat's Just Quilting)

for her beautiful long arm quilting.

If you have any questions 

please feel free to 

email me at

Triangles On A Roll

Half Square Triangles 

come in 11 sizes (finished)

and can be purchased from our web site

Feel free to experiment 

and try other sizes in making a Chevron quilt.

Written by Nedra Sorensen — May 08, 2014

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