Triangles on a Roll

 The other night
Denise Holland, TOAR pattern desinger
and Nedra Sorensen, TOAR Sales Manager
teamed up to teach
 a Flying Geese class
at 3 Dudes Quilting
using the Sew and Fold paper
 Denise came very prepared
with impressive design boards 
showing step by step instructions.
Her background as an Interior Designer
really shines forth!
 The students had an option of making one of 
two quilts.
Day Trip (designed by Denise)
uses the 
3" X 6 " Flying Geese papers
 Side Trip (also designed by Denise)
uses the 
2.5" X 5" Flying Geese paper
 The students precut their 
triangles before class
and were ready to get started right away.
 They had a full class and both Denise and Nedra were impressed
with how quickly everyone caught on.
They heard comments through out the evening
of how after just a few geese
the students felt they had the technique down.
Everyone loved how easy and fast the geese went together.
 It's always fun to see how
different color schemes come together
when students make the same quilt.
  The class shouted a lot of
"whooo hooo's!"
and "yays!"
as each geese sewed together with
perfect points
perfect quarter inch seams on each side.
Some of the colors were whimsical.
A quilt for a grand child.
 Sherri was creating a quilt
with fabrics decorated with spools of thread
 for her sewing room.
The instructions for making
Flying Geese
on the Sew and Fold paper
really are easy to follow.
The papers come in 5 different sizes.
Day Trip pattern
Side Trip pattern
the matching Flying Geese papers
can be purchased from 
Triangles On A Roll

Written by Nedra Sorensen — April 18, 2014

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