Triangles on a Roll

 We've been playing with our
2 1/2 X 5 Inch
Flying Geese papers
These are so fun and easy to work with!
Each Flying Geese section
turns out so accurate 
with each point matching up perfectly.
Using some Kaffe fabric scraps
here is a little sneak peek
of a future quilt pattern.
 Remember all of our
Triangles On A Roll papers
come on 50 foot rolls.
Simply tear off the desired length.
 This is a Sew and Fold method
where you pre-cut your 
large (center) triangles
small (side) triangles.
The papers give cutting instructions 
and you work within the blue and black lines.
 The paper serves as a 
You follow the lines of the paper
not the fabric 
for placement of your next section.
If you are off a little bit when 
you sew and fold, 
it's perfectly fine!
 When you lay your next triangle down
simply lay it within the notches
and all will be corrected within the seam allowance.
 The paper even gives you a prompt
of where to start your next
1/4th inch seam.  
*remember to lower your stitch length to 
around a 1.5.
This will help perforate the paper so it's easy to tear off 
when you are done.
 Perfect points every time.
And notice if you want to place your geese
up and down, 
because they are held together accurately on paper,
the points match up
You can find a more detailed tutorial 
on how to sew with our 
Flying Geese papers
on our Triangles On A Roll
web site 
Our Flying Geese papers 
are available in 5 sizes 
1 X 2 inches
clear up to
3 X 6 inches
Using the very same paper
the 2 1/2 X 5 Inch Flying Geese papers
 also make
7 Inch wide BRAIDS!
Detailed tutorial on how to make braids
can also be found on the 
Triangles On A Roll
web site 

Written by Nedra Sorensen — November 30, 2013

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