Triangles on a Roll

 Pat Roche
owner of 
recently provided a 
Trunk Show
for a group at
We've spent a lot of time the last few months
traveling around the country
demo-ing products
along with our new patterns
now find it fun to have the opportunity to
 share and support our 
local quilt stores, too!
 Many thanks to 
Lucy M. 
who works at 3 Dudes 
for sharing the pictures she took with us.
is a good example of a simple use of
5 Inch Half Square Triangles
Many of our quilts might look 
hard to do, but in reality
with our techniques and product
they are simple to construct
 and work up fast!
Baby Waves
is completely made with
 6 Inch Half Square Triangles
that have simply been cut in half.
 Niser Holland is one of our Triangles On A Roll
pattern designers
and was so kind to help Pat with the Trunk Show
Her original design
is made with our
60-Degree Tri-Angle
Sew and Fold paper
 Indian Blanket
is made with
22.5 Degree Tri-Angle 
Sew and Fold paper.
tutorial on how easy it is to work with these
Tri-Angle papers can be found on 
the Triangles On A Roll 
web site 
  If you would like to see
Indian Blanket
up close
it's currently being shown
3 Dudes
All of these products and patterns
can be purchased at our
web site

Written by Nedra Sorensen — November 27, 2013

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