Triangles on a Roll

We love introducing people to
Triangles On A Roll
We tell them how easy they are to use
and how they help make our quilt blocks
go together 
and with 
When someone trusts our words enough to go home
and give them a try,
we always smile 
because we know they are in for a good experience.
On Saturday we presented a
Triangles On A Roll Trunk Show
for the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild
and Bonnie purchased a roll
of our Half Square Triangles to try for the first time.

Well I'm sending you a picture of what I did today and I don't mean all day I mean an hour!

Totally love this! It's crisper it's perfect it's easy it's going to make me want to make a big quilt with it!

I had a friend come over who has never quilt and we did it together. I think she's sold! She left with three books from my shelf!

Thanks so much again!
 Thank you Bonnie for sharing.
We love compliments!
 Our Half Square Triangle papers
come in 11 different sizes
starting at 1 inch
going up to 6 inches
 A size for every need.
All come on 50 foot rolls.
Simply trim off the amount of paper you need,
and then save the rest for your next project.
Stitch on the dotted lines
and cut on the solid lines.
No drawing lines
or trimming up with specialty rulers.
Within minutes you have
a stack of
perfectly accurate 
Half Square Triangles
For a step by step Tutorial
Triangles On A Roll 
Tutorial Page

Written by Nedra Sorensen — November 18, 2013

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