Triangles on a Roll

Fred and Ginger Quilt

Our thanks today goes to 
Susan South
for sharing with us 
a picture of her
Fred and Ginger Quilt
made with 
60-Degree Tri-Angle paper
 Susan wrote:
This is how I elected to use your pattern. I enjoyed making this quilt and chose a newspaper print fabric for the backing. It turned out great. I plan to use that pattern for another project.
 She also added:
I really did enjoy making this quilt and have plans for another one, using really bright prints. I had not used the "Triangles on a Roll" product before and found the process relatively simple and helpful to assure more precise geometry.

I love the quilting process!
 Thank you for sharing your quilt with us Susan!
 The original 
Fred and Ginger quilt
was made and designed by
Niser Holland
of Scrappy Quilt Designs
I've always loved this pattern.
It might look somewhat complicated,
but it's actually very easy to do on the 
Sew and Fold paper.
Niser gives very good instructions
complete with diagrams 
that simplifies the quilting process.
The Fred and Ginger pattern,
 60 Degree Tri-Angle paper
60 Degree Ruler
can be ordered through 
Triangles On A Roll

Cindy Needham and Triangles On A Roll

Cindy Needham is an award winning Quilt Designer
and has been an
experienced Quilt Instructor since 1997
Cindy is also a
National Educator for
I met her several years ago 
when I also worked for Superior Threads.
I've always admired Cindy's amazingly delicate work 
on Antique Linens
She really is top in the field of transforming
Wholecloth and linens with spectacular quilting designs.
Cindy is also the author of the book
Recently Cindy wrote a blog post
about the beginning steps she has taken
to teach her 2 young grand daughters how to quilt.
You can read more about their experience 
I was especially impressed that Cindy chose
to use Triangles On A Roll as the starting place
for her grand daughter's first quilting experience.

Beginning quilting is always a challenge.
I asked Cindy a few questions on why she 
Why did you choose to use Triangles On A Roll instead of a traditional method of HST's to teach your grand daughters?
I wanted their first experience of piecing a quilt to be a huge success without stress. When I taught my daughters many years ago they started out following the lines on grid paper. Having the lines on the paper for Chloe and Samantha to follow seemed like a logical choice. There's no stress and it's a nearly 100% guarantee that they will end up with a beautiful quilt.

Do you use TOAR in any of your projects? If so, why?

I came across TOAR and it was perfect. It's a smaller size and much easier to manage. I actually don't piece anymore as I do wholecloth quilting so haven't used this for my own quilts...but it's perfect for the girls.

What are your impressions of TOAR?

So far so good! The paper easily tears away from the fabric with no pulled stitches.

Are you aware we have other papers that make Flying Geese, Braids or angles? Have you used them?
I did see the other papers and am going to keep them in mind for future projects for the girls...I wanted to start out verrrrry easy this time and work our way up to other designs.

Thanks Cindy!

How To Make A Regulation Quilt Sleeve

 When submitting a quilt to 
Quilt Shows
there are specific regulations 
for the size of sleeve
that needs to be attached to the back of the quilt.
The general rule for most shows request a
4 inch wide sleeve (finished)
that is placed 
1/2 inch from the bound edge
*make sure to check your specific Show Regulations
 Once you have quilted your quilt 
and trimmed the edges you are ready to make the sleeve.
Measure across the top of your quilt
which gives you the
Width of the Quilt
 Cut the sleeve fabric
9 inches long
by the Width of your Quilt
 On both sides of the 9 inch length
press down 1/4th inch
 Turn down 1/4th inch again and press
 Stitch the folded edges.
 Bring the bottom of the sleeve up to the top
matching raw edges.
 With a removable marker
draw a line 3/4 inch from the top of the sleeve.
I like to use Frixion pens where the lines are easily removed
with the touch of an iron.
 Stitch on the drawn line.
 Center the sleeve to the top of the quilt.
Notice this leaves a gap on the end.
Baste the sleeve to the top of the quilt
using about an 1/8th inch seam allowance
 Bind the quilt using a 1/4th inch seam allowance.
 The stitching line at the top of the sleeve
is now is exactly 1/2 inch to the binding line
and your pocket is 4 inches wide.
The quilt is now ready to be
easily slipped over a rod
 hung on display.

How To Make 44 Half Square Triangles in 30 Minutes Fast!

 Recently I needed a stack of 
3 inch Half Square Triangles 
for a project I am working on.
I decided to conduct a test
to see how fast I could make
44 Half Square Triangles
 No drawing lines 
or trimming up with specialty rulers is required!
These went together fast!
The instructions for 
3 inch Half Square Triangles
direct you to cut your fabrics 8 inches wide.
come on 50 feet rolls.
I cut a section of paper 42 inches long
which fit nicely within the 
Width Of Fabric 
 Pin the paper to the top of
two pieces of fabric with right sides together.
Lower stitch length to about 1.5
Sew on the dotted lines.
Time: 13 minutes
 Cut on the solid lines
even around the outside edges.
 Cutting Time: 5 minutes
 With a gentle tug, 
pull off the paper.
 Paper removal time: 5 minutes
 With an iron, press open to the dark.
Pressing time: 5 minutes
I even trimmed off those bunny ears: 2 minutes
Each Half Square Triangle is 
perfectly accurate  !

Half Square Triangles 
come in 11 different sizes
from 1 inch up to 6 inch
and can be ordered 
on the website 

Making 4-Inch HST's wiwth Fat Quarters and Layer Cakes

 It's easy to use the
4-inch Half Square Triangle papers
Triangles On A Roll with
Fat Quarters
Layer Cakes
 (24) 4-inch HST's
fit very nicely on a Fat Quarter
 With a 2 1/2 inch strip left over.
 Remember when sewing with 
Triangles On A Roll :
Pin the paper to the top of
 2 pieces of fabric that are facing right sides together.
Lower your stitch to about a 1.5 on your sewing machine.
Sew on the dotted lines
Cut on the solid lines.
(8) 4-Inch Half Square Triangles will also fit nicely
on a 10" X 10" Layer Cake
 With Triangles On A Roll
you don't have to 
draw lines or trim up.
The paper does the work for you!
Our thanks to Denise Holland
for her help in figuring out how to 
combine Pre-Cuts with
Triangles On A Roll
Each roll is 50 feet long.
A roll of
4-Inch Half Square Triangle paper
which provides 485 Half Square Triangles
can be ordered from the
Triangles On A Roll  website

Barb's Indian Blanket Quilt

Recently Nedra taught a class
on a Triangles On A Roll pattern
Indian Blanket
at 3 Dudes Quilting In Arizona
 Barb Dinardo took the class
and made the quilt in colors to match her home.
We were so impressed with Barb!
She caught on very quickly 
using our Sew and Fold
22.5 Degree Tri-Angle paper
from Triangles On A Roll
Barb was very happy with how easily and
accurately the angles come together 
by using the paper.
Within a few minutes she had the technique down.
 Nice job Barb!
We love your color selections.
Now, the quilt is off to Pat Roche (Pat's Just Quilting)
for her long arm work.
 Indian Blanket pattern*
22.5 Degree Tri-Angle paper
and the
22.5 Degree Ruler
can be ordered from
Triangles On A Roll
 and as an extra bonus
a Free Tutorial
for the 22.5 Degree Tri-Angle
can be found on our
Triangles On A Roll

Half Square Triangles and Charm Squares

 Many of us collect 
5" X 5"
Charm Square
They are a great way to have a sample
of a favorite fabric line.
 Even though most rolls of
Half Square Triangles
are wider than 5 inches,
there still is a way for the two
to work together.
Our 1 1/2 inch HST's paper can be cut down the middle
to fit within the width.
Count 2 sections down for the length,
which will give you a total of 8 Half Square Triangles
Place two charm squares right sides together
and pin the paper on top.
 Lower stitch length to a 1.5
Sew on the dotted lines
Cut on the solid lines 
including the outside edges.
 Tear off the paper and press towards the darkest fabric.
You now have 8 Half Square Triangles in 2 colors.
 1 1/2 inch (finished)
Half Square Triangles 
can be ordered

Fabric Stash Quilt

 Pattern Designer
has created a fun new quilt
Fabric Stash!
In Kelli's words she shared:
It's not the fabric stash that consists of heaps of fabric on shelves or in bins or displayed (piled) artfully (randomly) around your sewing studio (spare bedroom+computer room)..'s Fabric Stash, the quilt. :)
 60" X 60"
Kelli recommends using the
2 inch (finished) 
Half Square Triangles from
Mustache's are so popular right now!
Kelli used fabric line
Geekly Chic from Riley Blake
In fact, 
Fabric Stash
 made it's grand debut
recently at Spring Market in Pittsburgh
Both the pattern
Fabric Stash
and a roll of
2 inch Half Square Triangle paper
can be ordered from 
Triangles On A Roll

Chevron Baby Quilt Tutorial

 Chevron Quilts 

have been quite popular in style the last few years

and are so easy to make

especially when using

 Chevron Baby Quilt Tutorial

43 1/2" X 43 1/2"

 You can use any size 

Half Square Triangle to make a Chevron 

but for this baby quilt I opted to use

4 1/2 inch finished HST's.

One roll will make 222

so you will have enough left over to make one more quilt.


Fabric Requirements:

2/3 yd. White

1/3 yd (1st Chevron) green polka dot

1/3 yd (2nd Chevron) Aqua

2/3 yd. Focus Fabric (3rd & 8th Chevron) Elephants

1/3 yd (4th Chevron) gray circles

1/3 yd (6th Chevron) blue stripe

1/3 yd. (7th Chevron) solid gray

1/3 yd (8th Chevron) solid green

 I used this elephant fabric as my

focus fabric

and then pulled in other colors to match.

 From the Triangles On A Roll:

Cut (10) lengths of paper at 26 3/4" long

which will give you 10 HST"s for each row


From the fabric:

Cut (20) Strips Total at 5 5/8" wide

*TIP: *I like to cut them a little larger at 5 3/4" wide.


(4) White (for top and bottom & 5th Chevron)

(2) 1st Chevron/ polka dot green

(2) 2nd Chevron/ Aqua

(4) 3rd & 8th Chevron/ Focus Fabric

(2) 4th Chevron/ gray circles

(2) 6th Chevron/ blue stripe

(2) 7th Chevron/ solid gray

(2) 8th Chevron/ solid green

To create the top first row

match the white and 1st Chevron fabric/ green polka dot

right sides together.

 Lay a 26 3/4 inch section of paper on top and 

add a few pins to hold in place.

Lower the stitch on your machine to about a 1.5

TIP: Placing these stitches closer together 

perforates the paper and makes it easier to tear off at the end.

It also holds your seam together tight as you tug on the paper.

Sew on the dotted lines

 With your rotary cutter,

cut on the SOLID lines

all the way around, even on the outside edges

 For each row you will  have 10 Half Square triangles

With a little tug, pull the paper off

 Open up your HST's 

and press towards the dark

 Trim off the little bunny ears 

and you are ready to start laying out your Chevron rows.

 Row 1 Fabrics: White and Green Polka Dot

Row 2 Green Polka and Aqua

Row 3 Aqua and Elephants

Continue alternating your fabrics in this pattern until 

you have finished with 

Row 10 Solid Green and White

 Lay your Half Square Triangles out in a

Chevron pattern

Sew 10 HST's together across to create a row 

One of the best things about using

Triangles On A Roll is that they 

make PERFECT Half Square Triangles

With such accuracy

it's easy to obtain

matching points 

Once your rows are sewn together horizontally


Row 1 to Row 2

Row 2 to Row 3


until all 10 rows are complete

 Your Chevron Baby Quilt is now complete!

 My thanks to

Pat Roche (Pat's Just Quilting)

for her beautiful long arm quilting.

If you have any questions 

please feel free to 

email me at

Triangles On A Roll

Half Square Triangles 

come in 11 sizes (finished)

and can be purchased from our web site

Feel free to experiment 

and try other sizes in making a Chevron quilt.

Happy Jacks Quilt Pattern

We have a new

Triangles On A Roll

Quilt Designer

that has joined our team!


Beth Helfter of

Eva Paige Quilt Designs

 Beth has been playing with our 

Flying Geese Sew and Fold papers

and has created a wonderful new pattern


Beth wrote:

"Happy Jacks" is the result of my 2014 group block project, run on my Quilting Hottie Haven blog. Over twenty five quilters participated in testing the basic block for me by creating beautifully scrappy jack blocks. I chose my favorite from each of them and put them together into the quilts shown on both the front and back covers and could not be more thrilled with them.”

 Happy Jacks is available in 3 Sizes

with all 3 sizes having a different layout.

Triangles on a Roll TM "Sew and Fold Geese" were determined to be the most accurate method of piecing the geese to make the blocks come together like a perfectly cooked goose. I do recommend them for use with this pattern, but if you have a method of goose cookery that you prefer, have at it. Directions for cutting pieces are given for use with Sew and Fold Geese.

I love a good scrappy block in a quilt with a modern flavor, and that's what you get with this pattern; use up some cool scraps in the block, then set them three different ways to create a lovely modern-esque quilt with lots of room for creative quilting. Or creatively sending it out to your favorite machine quilter and "quilting by check." The choice is yours. Either way it will be stunning.

Happy Jacks 

is made with

2" X 4" Flying Geese Sew and Fold papers

Both the pattern and the paper

can be ordered from the 

Triangles On A Roll 



Perfect Paper Piecing Products



Half Square Triangles, Quarter Square Triangles, Sew and Fold Triangles, Flying Geese and even Braids!